Alvaro Manzano

Engineering and Blockchain Enthusiast

Mechanical Engineering and blockchain enthusiast. My interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies started on 2014 and at this blockchain renaissance I have been evaluating investment opportunities, analyzing ICOs and collaborated with projects on translation, marketing and community issues. My priority in this website is making independent and objective reviews on my field expertise, so users have a guide through this new ecosystem. I can say about myself: I studied in Spain and while in secondary school and high school I also attended a Dual Diploma program, to obtain the equivalent to the Florida International High School while continuing my studies. I improved my English skills, because I was doing three weekly reports about USA studies content, so after completing the 3 year course I obtained the maximum grade at English both at high school and university entrance exam. I also examined at TOEFL and obtained a 91/120. After that I applied for my career and once at the Carlos III University I have interacted with different associations, ranging from student to more creative ones, like the photography one. I'm a person with interest in too many things, so, as well as my career, I aim to know enough about almost anything, because from there I can know what I really appreciate and enjoy. I'm a person who can be researching almost 14-16h a day for weeks if I'm really interested, so I can easily become someone with a reasonable knowledge about certain contents. I’m excited about innovative concepts and about watching things from new perspectives while paying attention to details. So while others accept theories I look and unless I have understood all the questions I come up I won’t pass to the next, because that would be empty knowledge. Even if at most engineering exams you are often not asked about the theory, but just its application, I will continue looking for valuable knowledge. As I’m a very detail driven person and always aim to do my best, unless time gives me no option. The ‘bad’ part is that sometimes I concentrate so much that I end up spending many more hours than an average requirement would require. Also that I end up taking too much responsibility and burden on projects if others do a mediocre work. I have been searching daily on the internet since I remember, so I’m more than familiar with searching, researching and basic tools. Internet is like a part of me. In my career I’m also learning about design software, so I have learned about Abaqus and Solid Edge doing projects. Last but not least, I’m a serious person unless the situation requires me to be outgoing, so doesn’t matter what the thematic is, I will apply the most critic mentality to see it further than the surface and standing on multiple ways of thinking at the same time. I also try to simplify things as much as I can and avoid empty content, because I find it as the key to understanding. So, you can expect from me an elaborated and simplified effort.

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