Andreas Achleithner


Blockchain and “Bitcoin” is changing the world every single day. It is the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Just as the internet connected us, the blockchain will “trust us”. Smart contracts will replace any and all agreements, and the P2P transactions will make modern banking obsolete. People will look back on Blockchain and call it a major turning point in history. I work with and have worked with some of the top ICOs in the recent crypto space. Spectre, Sharpe Capital, PayPie, Eximchain, just to name a few. I rate ICO projects by day and read about ICO projects by night. My life revolves around Crypto and Blockchain and the passion has turned into being able to pay the bills. No BS, no bias or opinion. I rate projects based on the facts, and the information provided. Sadly, there are far to many projects that are out there to simply steal peoples funds and walk away. There are far to many dapps that don’t provide sh!t, and there will continue to be projects such as this as long as people continue to “invest” in these scams. Many people are taken unaware due to the so called “rating websites” publishing a 10/10 rating to any project that pays their fees. Without more champions of truth the crypto space will have a hard time evolving past the point that it is now. As there is no “policing” built into crypto, we must police ourselves, and I am very proud to be able to help guide people with truthful reviews and understanding into ICO projects. I am very proud that I have been banned from many ICO projects for asking tough questions and raising “red flags”. I have multiple teams that hate me because I have exposed their lies and BS. I am proud to be hated by scammers, and loved by those who value truth and honesty in blockchain. I have been involved in crypto since 2009, mining DogeCoin when it first launched. Being a short sighted college student I did not hold onto any of the crypto that I originally played with back in the day – My how I wish I had my old wallets. Post University (Engineering) I was able to start devoting myself more to investing and actually learning about crypto. My background and technical knowhow was a perfect pair to help me morph into the DD analyst that I am today. I run a YouTube channel called BTCBusinessconsult, and that is my “known name”. I have worked with businesses to discuss and learn about blockchain and explain what is “bitcoin”. It has been a wild ride and I look forward to seeing how crypto will continue to evolve in the coming time. I will continue to provide my guidance and assistance to projects and individuals wherever I can. Most people assume that somebody who bought crypto in January of 2017 is a guru, and worth listening to. Some are. Sadly, most are not. Real experience from being in the trenches gives me an incredible advantage over the crypto celebrities of today. Dedication, technology, determination, and a passion for truth builds projects. Hype and unrealistic BS builds bank accounts at the cost of those who were conned into giving away their money.

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