Damir Bešić

Crypto Consultant

Avid crypto and blockchain enthusiast. Been in crypto nearly 5 years, tried and seen it all, from failed coins to mooning success. Been a part of some ICO's that were a big success (IUNGO, EXPERTY) and of couse, some that didn't fair well due to the idea not being accepted widely. 1. Forum exposure a) Croatian translation - I will translate your project into Croatian, and post it on the Croatian subforum. Keep in mind, this translation targets most of the ex-yu people (Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, etc...) b) Croatian thread moderation 2. Coin support a) Hosting of a separate linux node/wallet - this will strenghten your blockchain and enable faster syncing of wallets (geo-redundancy available, EU, NA, Asia) b) Hosting of a block explorer - block explorer is essential for transparency of a coin, and therefore is a must c) Listings on exchanges - with my connections, i could arrange the exposure of a coin/token on a market. Market presence usually boosts value of a project 167% (on average) d) Mining pools - everybody needs a pool to keep them coins spinning, right? aa) I can either host your wallet on my pool bb) I can deploy your personal pool on your own server e) Faucets - another great tool to keep the people interested and invested in the coin 3. Promotion and marketing a) Forum signature promotion of your project - I have access to approx 10 Sr/Hero members with around 500 posts each in most high traffic threads (excellent exposure) - additionally, i'll do a campaign outside of the forum to bring new people to the forum who will be interested in the project a*) If you need a professional signature designed, let me know and i'll refer you to one trusted member who does quality work for a reasonable price. b) As a shareholder in bitcointalkradio.com, i can arrange BIG discounts for project promotion. This web radio station is targeted to crypto community, with over 100k listens daily. In September, we reached our goal of over 1.6 million visits. We can do: - daily commercials - pre-recorded interviews - sponsored story - banners c) Twitter exposure - i personally own an account with over 2k followers, in crypto niche (https://twitter.com/btcltcdigger) - 99% real followers (https://www.twitteraudit.com/btcltcdigger) d) Spreading word outside of this forum - I will post your ICO announcement to 30-50 crypto related forums 4. Community a) I can help you make your twitter account flourish, using automation. Expand your follower number by hundreds on a daily basis b) Slack tipbot - this bot enables you to deploy slack coin wallets (similar to web wallets, but on slack) and community can tip each other c) Discord tipbot - this bot enables you to deploy discord coin wallets (similar to web wallets, but on discord) and community can tip each other d) Bounty management - do you need an experienced bounty or community manager? Look no further. I represent a full team of people who are dedicated to make your project be as successful as possible. e) Telegram community boosting with real customers - we can share few tips on how to increase your Telegram community f) Reddit subreddit creation, moderation and upkeep - reddit is one of the most visited websites on the internet, and as such, can bring a lot of traffic

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