Eugene Podkovyroff

Investor, Decentralized Economics Researcher, Crypto Visionary, FinTech Pro, Startup Mentor and Advisor

FinTech Pro, International Entrepreneur, Critical and Positive Thinker, Humanitarian, VC, Business Mentor, Technology & Science Tech Influencer. Graduated in Finance in 2010 and working in this field since 2007, I've got involved with Crypto world since the very early days of Bitcoin. Mined a few, spent and bought with some profit - you know, like many of us back than. I'm still keeping my old laptop, which mined a couple of Bitcoin blocks, still has my HD 5870, which I bought with a 4 months worth of noodle diet savings, and it was one of my best investments ever. And I'm still keeping most of mined in 2011-2013 coins (and their derivatives), unlike many of my friends back in those days. So, basically, I'm a very long-term investor and therefore long-term strategic projects is what I prefer in the startup field. Some abilities in Finance, Maths and Critical Analysis is what I rely on during any business evaluation, advising or management. Feel free to contact me for an interesting discussion and for relevant business opportunities. Recently, my stance for ICOs changed following some obvious shifts in the quality of projects and teams behind them since 2017. Please be advised, that I have absolutely the same approach towards a work with ICOs as I have with startups, but I also take few extra steps to ensure the project true goals and improve investors' data access and safety among other socially responsible practices. Also, anyone interested in making ICOs better for public and for the decentralized economy, contact me directly via LinkedIn to discuss this topic in both scientific and/or business manner.

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