Ivan Jasenovic

CEO Sicoor.com - Systems Architect, Managing Director dHealthNetwork.io - CTO, Systems Architect USAT.io

Ivan Jasenovic is a true veteran of the tech sector, living and breathing innovation since 1980, when he was working in Silicon Valley and participating in the early tech boom. He has accrued over 30 years’ worth of experience in the ICT sector and through his 25 years of managing his own technology solutions and support consultancy in California, Mr Jasenovic has worked with such high-profile clients as NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Centre, JPL, UC Santa Barbara, USC, Point Magoo NAS, along with many medical services companies and governmental agencies in Central California. Later moving to Australia, Mr Jasenovic set up the Sunshine Coast Blockchain Community in 2016, which helps people understand and get involved in blockchain. With his passion for innovation and sharing great ideas, Mr Jasenovic naturally was a perfect fit for USAT Inc. The USAT Inc. platform is designed to give patent holders and innovators greater agency over their intellectual property (IP) and provide a path to market for worthwhile ideas. IP is securely stored on the blockchain to protect it from theft. If the IP has scientific and commercial viability and is beneficial to humanity, the patent holder may apply to have their idea developed by USAT Inc.’s expert teams, carrying the project from the idea stage to the market. The first technology to be developed through the platform is a new renewable energy technology called solar-wind, which produces clean and sustainable energy cheaper than any other system on the market (visit https://usat.io for more information). The creator of the first medical dApp on the dApp list and consider.it (myHealthIRL), Mr Jasenovic describes himself as a “Systems Architect, Managing Director, and BlockChain Health ‘Ivangelist’”. Working with the first digital telecommunications technology, in 1987 Mr Jasenovic was part of the WAN development team that first passed files across an ISDN bridge and Novell Server to link a MAC LAN and PC LAN together. His current personal project is the dHealthNetwork, which is being launched by his company Sicoor Pty Ltd, in partnership with Telos Dubai. The dHealthNetwork is a decentralised platform for medical records and health services that transcend the limitations and boundaries encountered by traditional healthcare industries. Mr Jasenovic’s passion for innovation runs deep: “My head is in the cloud, my soul is on the blockchain, and my heart is in decentralised health care”, he said when asked to describe his thoughts on his life in the tech sector. USAT Inc. is extremely privileged to have someone with Mr Jasenovic’s incredible technical knowledge and skill on the team. His guidance and insight ensure that USAT Inc. will always be on the cutting edge, just like the technologies we produce. Welcome to the team, Ivan! USAT Inc. is an Australian organisation that utilises blockchain technology to decentralise the intellectual property process and provide patent holders with greater security. Through our platform we fund, develop, and commercialise intellectual property for the benefit of innovators, token holders, and the planet. We ensure innovators are supported and we provide token holders with strong growth opportunities. For more information about our ICO or our ultra-affordable and clean renewable energy project, Solar-wind technology, visit https://usat.io Find Ivan at Sicoor.com

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