Lin JC

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development | Cloud computing | Business development | Finical Accounting system, below is JC's consultant service list , - provide smart contract auditor report and suggestion - provide multi language translation - Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish - The company website build and technical development - Pre-ICO and ICO marketing consultant support,, increase The Company impression - Telegram communication support - bring in investment and endorsement on The Company technology and services As you know, China, Korean, Japan, Singapore, Malaysian, Taiwan has included over 60% transaction in the world. So we can help you into that region. Blockchain technical developer. I could review and improvement your Blockchian design and released. For the first time in your ICO project. Blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, non-repudiation and non-tampering, Security of storage medium is higher than traditional centralized financial institutions. It is the best storage and transfer tool for posthumous paper, digital assets, private data and personal precious data. The participants in these systems form a decentralized, non-central management or trusted party network that provides useful payment services. This is a decentralized application of a wide range of Internet open services. It can completely solve the weakness of traditional digital asset trusteeship service. Decentralization is the form of social relation and content formation in the process of Internet development. It is a new network content production process relative to "Centralization". Compared with the early Internet era, today's web content is no longer produced by professional websites or particular groups, but instead it is the result of co-creation by all Netizens and equal rights. Anyone can express his or her opinions on the Internet or create original content and produce information together. With the diversification of network services, the decentralized network model is becoming more clear and possible. Any participant can submit content, and the Internet users collaborate to create or contribute to the content. It makes it easier and more diversified to produce or contribute to the Internet, So as to enhance the contribution of Internet users to participate in the initiative, reduce the production of content threshold. Eventually, each Internet user has become a small and independent information provider, making the Internet more flat and more diversified for content production.

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