Peter Chen

Fonder CEO of BigBang Token - A Global Marketing and Loyalty Platform for Gaming Entertainment Industry

Big Bang: A Global loyalty and & Reward Network for Social Gaming, Casinos and eSports Community Blockchain has swiftly taken over a wide range of major industries. It has certainly started influencing every domain of digital transactions. If we talk about Blockchain, cryptocurrency is the first thing that strikes our mind. Cryptocurrency has definitely given the world a new prospect towards online transactions. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are certainly one of the most talked about emerging technologies in the recent years because of features that are available in no other technology. Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology is one of the most groundbreaking technologies of all time. Blockchain technology creates a network that supports the storage and processing of the data. One of the key highlighting points of the technology is that it offers a ‘decentralized network’. It is the first to implement a decentralized mechanism which eliminates any kind of central party interference and ensures transparency. Benefits of Using Blockchain Technology: - Simplifies the process to improve efficacy - Reduces settlement time - Decreases credit risks of counterparties - Increases transparency and efficacy to avoid fraudulently - Increases capital liquidity and improve the utilization of resources Online gamers continuously face a plethora of difficulties which can be quite challenging and can be disrupting for the gamers. These problems include: - Data always at risk - No transparency - Costly/ high fees - Fraudulent and illegal activities - House edged gambling making sure that the house only wins. These are some of the challenges that the online gambling and Esports industry faces every day. These challenges can be easily tackled through Blockchain technology as blockchain’s decentralized ledger reduces the chances of fraud and manipulation. All in all, online gaming industry becomes transparent and fair. Blockchain Solutions for Online Gaming, Social Gaming , Casinos, And eSports BigBang has utilized the breakthrough technology to develop a global loyalty and reward network that builds a secure and safe network for casinos and Esports community. BigBang effectively uses this platform as an opportunity to innovate, expand their capabilities, improve the relationship between actors, and ultimately offer the best services to the gamers. Using Blockchain, BigBang aims to revolutionize the online betting and gambling industry, as a shared and synchronized gaming ecosystem that provides a secure, transparent, and inclusive ecosystem for the gamers worldwide. The sole idea behind the inception of BigBang is to produce blockchain powered solutions that have the potential to change the online gaming industry for the gamers as well as for the operators. It uses latest Blockchain technology to create an effective ecosystem that has low cost, high quality, fair and transparent casino experience. Blockchain: A Pioneering Technology Utilizing groundbreaking amalgamation of peer-to-peer networking system and cryptography, BigBang can surely provide the best for the online gaming industry. BigBang’s synchronized blockchain oriented casino gambling platform provides secure and transparent games for the gamers with an easy set up at a fairly low cost. How BigBang uses Blockchain platform for online gambling and eSports? Undoubtedly, blockchain promises to address the challenges faced in the online gaming industry. With the emergence of this technology, the broken loyalty industry will definitely transform. Smart contracts and cryptocurrency can prove to be a game changer for the industry. BigBang has partnered with WIZBL blockchain technology that implements excellent technical solutions. It is the fastest and most scalable blockchain system until now. It is basically a 5th generation powered blockchain protocol that helps in making fast real-time transactions. It has the best peer-2-peer verification system that reduces the chances of hacking to almost none. WIZBL has the fastest transaction system that is 1,000,000 transactions in one second. Yes, that’s true! You can make the most by gambling in casinos and eSports anywhere across the world with BB Platform and get paid instantly in cryptocurrencies. BigBang network model supports meta gamification experience through which one can earn points in the form of redeemable BB Token that can be easily traded with fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. The number of BB points will certainly decide the status of every player in the casino or in eSports industry. This will help in better player engagement and increase the profitability that will ultimately increase the utility value of the community token. What is BigBang Token (BBT)? BigBang has an inbuilt mechanism to fight against fraud, incentivize the playing of various games and services, ensure safety and privacy, create revenue sources and customer accession and retention opportunities by a cross-service loyalty token which is the Big Bang Token (BBT). This ecosystem benefits the gamers by incentivizing and the operators by reducing the cost and automated marketing. Benefits for gamers or players: - Secure, credence and transparency - Swift deposits and withdrawals with low transaction fees - Earn cashback and loyalty points in the form of cryptocurrency Benefits for operators: - You can join BB Ecosystem for free - Higher profit rates and low transaction fees - More player acquisitions with higher turnover In Conclusion Undoubtedly, BigBang streamlines online gaming platform and loyalty program that certainly seems promising to nurture the global community of gamers, operators as well as sponsors efficiently. It creates a gaming ecosystem that merges the diversity of online gambling and gaming experience with substantial tools and that nurtures a better relationship with actors, increases gamers acquisition, improve gamers retention and provide a system for sponsors and operators to target their attempts and actionable understanding.

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