Bitcoin Gold’s price has been successful in maintaining a stable state, opening up an opportunity for the developers to focus on a promising hard fork for their network

The upgrade addresses two significant issues: protection from the flooding ASIC Bitcoin Gold mining scams coming into the Equihash mining space, and security enhancement of their blockchain. This comes as an answer to one of the latest hacker attacks at the end of May when $18 million in BTG tokens were made after a 51% attack.

Most of the fundamental segments for the Network Upgrade have been coded, though the team believes that more careful testing is needed.

According to Bitcoin Gold’s team, ASIC resistance is crucial for their mission. The first step of the upgrading process is creating a new Proof of Work algorithm, in particular moving the mining calculation to an alternate variant of Equihash, called Equihash-BTG.

The process also requires enhancing the mining programming so that plenty of miners are allowed to mine at the launch of the Network Upgrade. Until the point that the mining programming was prepared, BTG couldn't run full testing of the TestNet.

“We're currently gaining great ground and hope to have the capacity to set up a firmer course of events for the Upgrade without further ado, which we plan to partake in another refresh”, stated an official press release by Bitcoin Gold.

“We need this update up and running as quickly as possible. However, it won’t be a great idea if we redesign the product before the wallets, mining pools, trades, and others are prepared. It's basic that any of our accomplices who are ready yet connect with us to guarantee we have the best strategies to get in touch with them with additional data”, Bitcoin Gold’s team also added.

With regards to security, Bitcoin Gold’s developers are working on numerous fronts to enhance security features and protocols at the moment, as well as prepare them for future threats. The blockchain and mining systems have been enhanced with checking frameworks and new fast channels to impart dangers to Exchanges.

BTG intends to grow these devices and make them accessible to others. To achieve their gold, they are partnering with other cryptocurrency developers, they are coordinating and sharing continuously with other coin development groups their latest developments, and working together towards improving the security of the crypto space.

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