Hcash is a cross-chain platform which gathered a lot of controversy in 2018 and left many people confused on whether or not the cryptocurrency is a scam

Speculations emerged due to some allegations about the name of the token Hshare (HSR), the website, and how fast it gained popularity.  We will explain why the cryptocurrency is legit and far from being a scam. 

As a cross-chain platform Hcash is capable of making transactions between blockchain and blockless cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017 and moved fast to being the 53rd most valuable cryptocurrency. 

There has been some confusion about the name Hcash and Hshare. Hshare (HSR) was the name of the placeholder token while the developers were working to launch the mainnet. After ten months of the ICO’s release, in August 2018, the token was switched to HC and began a conversion before the destruction of all Hshare (HSR) tokens. The rate is 1 HSR: 1 HC.  

In March 2018 the price of the token increased drastically because of the upcoming release of their mainnet. The team was providing regular information about the technical development of the platform, but people quickly assumed something was wrong.  

Another accusation was how the project is plagiarized from another cryptocurrency Decred (DCR). Although some of the mainnet codes and tools came from Decred, they were appropriately accredited. Hcash has implemented an original technology called BLISS (Bi-model lattice-based signature scheme). It allows quantum resistance to the chain and can be integrated into other systems easily.  

Also, Hcash has partnered with Monash University ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to work on RingCT protocols, Cross-Chain transactions, and advanced cryptographic techniques. 

The speculations didn’t stop here, and people claimed Hcash copied the entire website of City of Zion. During that time developers from the United States were working on the main chain of Hcash and used the City of Zion’s template to build a website named Hybrid Network. The COZ source code was accredited properly on their GitHub. Hcash’s official website is up and running and has nothing to do with it. 

Hcash is a newly founded cryptocurrency and for quite some time it didn’t have a lot of information online. Even so, people should do their own research before assuming and spreading incorrect rumors.

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