Judge Bruce Reinhart Accused Wright Of Forging Documents, Proving Wright’s Rightful Ownership Over The 1,1 Billion Bitcoins He And Dave Kleiman Minted

The controversial self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, Craig Wright, found himself in another set of law issues, as district judge Bruce Reinhart disagreed about the authenticity of some of Wright’s defense documents. Judge Reinhart questioned evidence about Wright’s involvement in the Tulip Trust.

“Given the fact that Dr. Wright attempted to forge previous documents, I cannot rely on the authenticity of this kind of document. Anyone with basic knowledge of text editing software and a pen could have created such documents. Also, given the fact that there is no appointed cross-examination challenge, I cannot give a firm credibility determination. Dr. Wright also gave perjured testimony in front of me, so that further concretes my decision”, judge Reinhart stated.

The document in judge Reinhart’s statement was ordered on March 9, 2019. Wright then told the judge it was impossible for him to access his Bitcoin belongings, as they are managed by a blind fund. The estimated processing and delivery time for Wright to get a list of his Bitcoins was until January 2020.

Meanwhile, Wright presented a document from the previously unidentified Tulip Trust III. However, Judge Bloom and Ira Kleimann’s attorneys both asked for further depositions about the way Wright obtained the documents. Wright objected to the depositions several times, citing attorney-client privilege, as well as a spousal privilege.

Wright claimed that his wife, Ramona Watts, is the Trustee of the Tulip Trust. As such, communications between Wright and his wife fall under the “spousal privilege” objection reason. Wright announced that his wife received the agreement between him and the trust as an encrypted file in December 2019 from Denis Mayaka, who serves as the trust’s council.

However, judges determined that Mayaka and Wright have no direct attorney-client privilege connection, as “the documents provide insufficient information about the relationship between Mr. Mayaka and Craig Wright. Also, the “Mayaka declaration” has no proper authentication. Further, documents fail to distinguish Mr. Mayaka as a council of the Tulip Trust.

The prolonged lawsuit saga between Ira Kleimann, who is Dave Kleimann’s brother and the self-proclaimed author of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto, now became international. Judge Reinhart asked for judicial assistance from the Queen’s Bench Division of the U.K.’s High Court.

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