Despite The Standstill After The Massive Hype In 2022, The Concept Of Metaverse Could Bring Revolution To The Web As We Know It

The Bitcoin bull run marked 2017, while 2018 went under the “altcoin winter” slogan. 2019 proved to be the year of scammers and hackers, while 2020 saw the DeFi sector explode out of nowhere. Now, it's Metaverse time, as in 2021 the web saw its birth and massive hype, reaching colossal proportions with projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox managed to take on the sector by storm.

Now, in 2022, the crypto sector is subject to a prolonged stagnation, which erased all of Metaverse’s hype, but 2023 could actually bring such a disruption in terms of innovation, that the web as we know it could undergo a real revolution.

Despite the cooldown, developers are still working on Metaverse projects, which could capitalize in 2023. As the final days of 2022 are rolling in, experts began predicting the trends for 2023, with an overall opinion that the market would turn bullish again. The Metaverse may regain some of its lost momentum if the market turns green, which could lead to new working use cases for Web3 apps.

Three trends for the Metaverse development in 2023

Could the Metaverse be used as a marketing channel?             

When social media platforms first entered broad daylight, everyone began using them with a single intention – to consume and create content. The past five years, however, proved that social media platforms like Meta’s Facebook, Google’s YouTube, Musk’s Twitter, and TikTok could also be used effectively as a marketing medium.

The trend is evident, as corporate giants such as HSBC, JP Morgan, Nike, and Gucci have already decided to expand their presence in the Metaverse and drifting away from Web 2.0 efforts.

VR/AR joins the game

The introduction of virtual and augmented reality began as science fiction, but albeit being an exciting topic, most developers are still waiting for a major advance in technology.

Such a breakthrough could come in the face of Meta (ex-Facebook), which is putting an enormous amount of effort into creating a digital world. The Zuckerberg-owned company already outlined a vision of Web 3.0 in which users will move in the future in a virtual world.

Companies are already working on immersing users in a virtual world by developing new headsets, sense-of-touch body suits, and innovations for taste and smell sensory experiences

Is the Metaverse really going to introduce digital people?

As strange as it may seem, digital avatars could turn pivotal for the Metaverse community, as in a digital world, avatars should represent the people behind them. Avatars are also a way for users to present themselves and communicate with others in the digital space.

However, the road is not quite an easy one, as cartoon avatars already showed themselves in the Metaverse, but photorealistic portraits of people resembling the person in the real world have still a long way to go before overtaking their cartoon counterparts. Nevertheless, Meta already showed its development on digital avatars, which may be one of the biggest revolutions in the social media space.

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