The digital advertising platform BAT aims to revolutionize the industry by bringing together publishers, advertisers, and users in a decentralized marketplace.

The project founded by the JavaScript inventor has the compelling purpose of attracting millions of cryptocurrency investors.

The current digital advertisement system is no longer effective, and companies such as Facebook and Google are gaining tons of money, while users flooded with ads are making zero profit.

Due to that reason, Basic Attention has designed the Brave Browser. It is focused on privacy and effectively blocks annoying advertisements and trackers. Not only that, but it promotes a revenue stream that content creators and advertisers can benefit from, and users have the opportunity to receive BAT tokens by watching ads.

To protect their identities people on the Internet pay money to install ad-blocking software and advertisers face poor reporting and targeting.

The Brave browser is built on the Ethereum network and has a fraud-resistant algorithm to pay back consumers and publishers. It has gained millions of followers, and by eliminating useless ads, it saves gigabytes of data.

The biggest struggle the project faces is that users will have to adopt the Brave Browser to receive rewards in the form of BAT tokens. People seem to be reluctant to make the change and switch from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser to Brave.

Although enthusiasts are praising the application’s functionality and efficiency, the mobile version seems more feasible to adopt. This determines that clients are more prone to try new apps on their mobile devices rather than on their PCs.

The Basic Attention Token targets:

-    Users by ensuring their data is protected, and advertisements are relevant.

-    Publishers by improving their revenue and receiving better reporting while reducing the risk of fraud.

-    Advertisers by decreasing the spent money.

BAT token has a considerable world-changing potential in blockchain technology and only time will determine how well it holds.

Since its creation in 2016, the platform has added a donation system and a bland referral program working with content creators from YouTube and Twitch streamers.

The cryptocurrency’s annual report from January 2018 shows that they have over 1 million monthly active users and the number continues rising.

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