Wan, One Of The Top 30 Altcoins, Gathers The Attention Of The Crypto World With Its Listing On Huobi And Price Increase

Despite the continuous growth of the crypto market, in terms of ICO range, and the improved regulations in different countries, investors focus mainly on the big altcoins, like ETH, BTC, and EOS.

The trend was broken in the last couple of days with Wan coin's listing on the Huobi exchange platform. The coin immediately benefitted from a price increase reaching $10 per token.

Some market analysts consider that Wanchain is likely to keep a steady performance in the green area with a $970,000,000 market cap and its 12% price advantage gained in the last week.

With regards to trading volumes, Binance is currently dominating the volume of Wanchain coins exchanged in ETH and BTC pairs.

The Huobi platform released the trading pairs list with Wanchain, enabling Asian users to familiarise themselves with the project and invest in it. The expected market growth will empower the coin’s performance on the competitive crypto market.

The network plans to enable the WAN community to trade their tokens for a diverse range of altcoins and manage all associated risks with selling the coin if they lose confidence.

Looking at the charts from the last month, WAN is on a bullish trend now, which could be boosted in the next couple of days, as a result of the announcements.

Despite its current success, the coin still has a long way to go. If it wants to keep a strong performance, it must prove its essential value to the blockchain world.

The Wanchain network has a bold aim to become the future ‘bank’ in the blockchain ecosystem.

The protocol that designs the network, creates an efficient distributed banking system with very low fees.  

The team of the network pioneers with establishing a connection between different blockchain ledgers. Its modern design and cryptography build a non-proprietary cross-chains protocol and a distributed ledger that records both cross and intra-chain transactions. Furthermore, Wanchain ensures private token exchange.

Considering the features of the network, it makes the integration of both private and public blockchains on the platform, linking the different ledgers. This will have a great impact on the exchange of assets in the future.

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